KB1909 总部办公室


这是 waltritsch a+u 完成的一个办公空间的室内设计,位于意大利。项目包括对一座19世纪建筑的公共部分进行重新翻修以及室内设计。设计师将企业的形象插入到一个广阔的室内设计范围内,即表达了企业的雄心,同时也令已有的氛围变得和谐。


This intervention consists in the refurbishment of the communal parts and of office interior of a 19th century building, siege of a prestigious financial holding company, operating locally as well as throughout Europe. The presentation of the corporate image of KB1909 was inserted into a broader interior architectural discourse, representing the ambitions of the company and harmonizing them into an existing context. Minimum placement of light sources and simple geometric elements, bear witness to the sober style of the company, and accompany the visitor in its vertical ascent from the street to the offices. The new wing of the offices poposes a new image through custom furniture and light design, while offering a continuing floor design with the old part of the offices.


室内设计 waltritsch a+u
设计师 Dimitri Waltritsch with Federico Gori and Cecilia Morassi
地点 意大利
面积 400 m2
摄影 Marco Covi, Trieste




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