这是 Tjep. 为家具品牌VilaSofa的门店所做的室内设计,位于荷兰。VilaSofa是一家新兴家具商,品牌的美誉度来自于交货速度(48小时)。设计方案因此以48小时作为设计的主题,使用仓库作为门店的形式以隐喻交货速度。


Tjep. was commissioned to create a shop environment for a new furniture brand called VilaSofa.

VilaSofa is positioned between a conventional furniture shop and Ikea in terms of delivery speed. It offers mid-range prices for a wide public and a 48 hour delivery guarantee for all displayed models.

The 48 hour claim became the main theme for the shop. We used the idea of a warehouse as metaphor for speed: a place were goods are stored for the transition from the producer to the very personal environment of your home. The conceptual solution was surprisingly simple and logic: a combination of warehouse esthetics and home esthetics.

This resulted for example into materials such as plywood usually used for crates combined with high-end glossy finishes. The symbols used in transportation and packaging have been metamorphosed into decorative elements that form room dividers, arranged to organize the space and routing.

Finally there is a big wall suggesting the idea of a magical vila. Is the customer looking at a giant styrofoam packaging element, or is the construction itself the actual villa? We see cavities for a big chandelier, a diversity of playfully arranged windows, romantic balconies, paintings etc… In this space we placed big ‘picnic’ tables where clients can take their time to inform about the product, talk to the VilaSofa staff. Finally we designed mobile cashing systems so that clients can actually pay from their newly adopted sofa (why would you leave what you are about to posses to pay for it?). VilaSofa offers a combination of existing sofa models and specially designed sofas by designers Monica Mulder and Khodi Feiz.


室内设计 Tjep.
设计团队 Frank Tjepkema, Janneke Hooymans, Leonie Janssen, Tina Stieger, Bertrand Gravier, Camille Cortet
地点 荷兰
摄影 Tjep.




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 荷兰