Station 20


这是 TheeAe LTD. 完成的一个车站的建筑设计,位于保加利亚。设计师希望通过打造一个具有独特审美形式的建筑,来引领该地区未来的开发。站台内部高高的天花板与行人天桥的设计不仅带来了足够的开放空间,同时能够节省能源成本,以及促进与周围自然的沟通。


The context at present, in which the station 20 and its park will be located, is underdeveloped with expectation of future development. By concerning it, the most important design aspect was to set a benchmark of the future surroundings near ‘station 20’.

Hence, the design was initiated with scheming for a landmark that the city of Sofia would make for the unique identity. The culture and traditional elements are too much there in it already. The modern design with its tradition is way too complicated to make architecture elements for a single station. So that we agreed to follow the context of the site and transform the initiated design elements into organic forms which will be easily mingled into the environment.

By the functions of the station and its landmark role in the city, we created public open spaces to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the station as if it is an art work. The station will be the place where people come and go everyday for their commute. It is to be the park for people to jog, walk, meet, ride, rest, meditate, and play and listen to music. Activities near ‘station 20’ are in our imagination yet it is to be realized by its openness.

The station area is stretched from the south to the north. People coming to the station or the park will approach from those two directions. The roof was formed to show different shapes when people look at the building from the direction they come. That’s why the declination of roof was initiated from the beginning of the conceptual design. Finally, it creates the two major views from the south and the north.

The road for car traffics was divided into two directions along side of the station from the east to the west. As the speed limit will be set for these roads, there will be possible traffi c lights, and lane merging areas for drop off to help limit car speed for public access to the station.

Inside the station, the high ceiling and passenger bridge were designed for its open space of the station not only by saving day light and heating energy cost during cold seasons but also its communication with the nature surrounding. The center structural connections of the two wings of the roof will allow the installation of systemized glass brise-soleils to provide the necessary shade during the summer time by mechanical control.

Required way finding signs will be placed on the floors and walls. Especially the circulation of the passenger movement is very clear by separating passengers to the centre and to the airport. Thus, it splits inbound and outbound by passengers’ destination. Therefore the signage locations will be noticeably obvious and clear with their installations.

The station 20 will create unique and special characteristics in the world by its aesthetic form. We believe in its pioneering role in the region.


建筑设计 TheeAe LTD.
项目建筑师 Woo-hyun Cho
地点 保加利亚, 索菲亚
面积 site 12,400 m2




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目录: 建筑, 交通