Venice University Theatre


这是 Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning 所做的威尼斯大学剧院的建筑设计,位于意大利。剧院提供举办大型活动如毕业典礼等功能。设计方案保留了已有的威尼斯式建筑设计语言以及结构系统,生态型屋顶最大限度的利用了自然采光。


Venice University theatre

The design proposal for University of Venice university theatre – it provides a full size of multifunctional theatre hosting major university events, graduations and a new student union service centre. It acts as part of an ensemble of supportive university facilities on the insulae of Barnaba.

University of Venice and its most of university is located in the Venice, but most of supportive university programmes such as graduation ceremony, and part of student union service is outsourced to other company. The proposal is to preserve the existing venetian architectural language and structural system, by intersection, intervention and integration of newly proposed multifunctional hall for the university for hosting its annual graduation, as well as it can be transformed into performing spaces and provide indoor and outdoor stage. Student union will be intersecting at the rear of the site and full services to the university students.

The proposal looks at the eco roof that lifting up a floor that maximise the natural lighting through the roof system. A integrated long span roof structural is designed to span 43 meters and has the ability to allow natural air flow and natural sunlight to come into the building. The roof structure is responded to the shape of the multifunctional hall, and creating a series of differentiated windows. Then the light shaft is surrounded the main hall area at the roof level.


建筑设计 Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning
地点 意大利, 威尼斯




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地点: 意大利, 威尼斯