Dublin’s Parlour Pavillion


这是 Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning 完成的一个Pavillion的建筑设计,位于爱尔兰。项目的目的是设计一个新的市民公共空间。建筑的主要挑战是:用铝材等轻重量材料实现大跨度且无支柱的屋顶架构;生态设计;以及独特的外观造型。


Dublin’s Parlour Outdoor pavillion

The objective of this project is to design a new public civic space for Dublin. The Parlour will have a strong social cultural and environmental character and have a countrywide profile for holding an intense and varied programme of music and other outdoor events including markets and monster ceils.

The design concept derived from the flux/ flow of the mass pedestrian transportation point of the O2. Aim of the project is to create a strong, sculptural element with a distinctive roof form that will be prominent when viewed from large open space. Or the near by offices.

The pavilion. Proposed pavilion is to accommodate a large semi-outdoor indoor performance stage and seating area for hosing the music and other outdoor events. At the same the pavilion acts as a device which can re-organise the flux of large amount of visitors and pedestrians through the central open space.

The challenge of the pavilion is to create:

1. Using aluminium as light weight structural system to create long span, column free roof structure which can cover up to 700 square meters.

2. Eco-friendly design

3. A distinctive and iconic building on site.


建筑设计 Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning
地点 爱尔兰




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 爱尔兰