Rolling Masterplan


这是 Jägnefält Milton 完成的一个城市规划项目的设计,位于挪威。规划拟将废弃的火车轨道转换为一种新的建筑架构,在该架构之上,可以建造一系列可随时根据季节或其它条件而滑动的建筑,如酒店,公共浴池等等。在目前的方案中,共支持23种不同类型的建筑。


The rolling masterplan:

Our master plan proposal for the Norwegian city of Åndalsnes turns the old industry train tracks into a new kind of infrastructure for mobile buildings that can be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. For example, we propose a rolling hotel, a rolling public bath, a rolling park and a rolling concert hall. In the current proposals there is 23 different types of rolling buildings including a hydrorail building that can both float and roll on rails. Fully implemented in the city there would be over one hundred rolling buildings. There is no total estimated cost since the strategy of the master plan is that it will be inserted in the current city a little bit at a time to learn and adapt as situations arises. There is different needs for each type of building but many share the need of electricity, water and waste treatment. Therefore we propose a plug-in network along the rail with pipes for drinking water, waste water and electricity. They could easily be connected to the current waste treatment system of Åndalsnes but they could also be connected to a (rolling) waste treatment wagon with a biogas digester that turns waste into electricity. The Jury awarded us the third prize in an open international master plan competition for the city of Åndalsnes in Norway. According to the Jury Report the jury appreciated that we did not propose new city blocks, public squares, boardwalks etcetera, but instead focused entirely on the existing rail road network and created something unexpected from it. They were also moved by the presentation material which they thought had a surreal mood with a magic and Tarkovsky-esk atmosphere that contrasted well with the sober and technical plans and axonometric drawings.

The sky pier:

Our proposal was awarded first prize in an open international competition organized by the Irish Architecture Foundation. The task was to design a culture centre in the harbor located close to the city centre of Galway. The building was to house both offices and public programs such as a restaurant and a concert hall. We proposed a L-shaped building with the public programs in the horizontal part and the offices in the vertical.

The judges described our submission as “creating a compelling architectural image with a linear building along the northern edge of the pier which then rises vertically to form a tall thin tower at the point where it meets the sea. The fact that the stage is powered hydraulically from a pool on the top level of the tower adds to the delight of this scheme.”

The Stockholm building:

This is an ongoing project adding luxury housing to an existing old red brick factory currently holding offices. The site for the new building is currently a small parking lot situated on the southern escarpment overlooking Stockholm Old Town and the baltic inlet.

About the office:

Jägnefält Milton is an architecture office in Stockholm and was founded two years ago by Konrad Milton and Carl Jägnefält. The office is currently working on several housing projects in Stockholm, a luxury lodge in Tanzania and has recently finished the interior of Gallery Jonas Kleerup.


建筑设计 Jägnefält Milton
项目建筑师 Carl Jägnefält and Konrad Milton
地点 挪威
面积 580 acres




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目录: 城市规划
地点: 挪威