Mount East


这是 ANOTHER DESIGN INTERNATIONAL 完成的一个住宅单元的样板房的室内设计,位于香港。只使用了木材,玻璃和几种布料,没有多余的装饰,没有时间限制构成了整个设计上的美学,比例与光影则最好的体现了整个设计的精神。


Designer Pal Pang Latest Unique Showflats Design

It took a year to create special residential units – Mount East, for Hong Kong real estate developer, Pal Pang deliberately give new meaning to luxury.

Does not require any retro classic or modern stylish design approach to luxury packaging, high definition is the unique design and quality, because only the principle of unique design, with the quality of construction, in order to constitute such extraordinary works of art as units.

Time (Clock of the Heart)

Only the use of wood, glass and several kinds of cloth material, no frills, no time limit has become aesthetics, elegance is as light and shadow, proportion is the design of the spirit, the two families, Mr Pang focus on the release of a sense of space and artistic, a free atmosphere.


设计师 彭裕仁
地点 中国, 香港
摄影 Virgin Simon Bertrand




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 香港