Urban Hybrid Forest


这是 24° Studio 完成的一个城市规划项目的设计,位于美国。该项目被视为一个城市与多种林业元素的混合体。它将对任何可能的地形条件提供一个集成与使用的可能。在本情形下,设计师的目标是使4个房屋能在特定的36mx36m的地形下,占据尽可能少的足迹。


Our predecessors have provided us the best possible living environment with rich urbanistic conditions and progressive technological solutions. Such grateful efforts made our everyday lifestyle convenient in many ways. But, we also have gradually lacked our engagement with the natural environment and will eventually lead to diminishing resources if it continues. Our emerging society has fully become aware of our environmental concerns and are striving to adapt our behavior to compromise with the consequences that has been done to our environment. Perhaps a full dependency between natural and technological interface is essential to shape our society.

The challenge is to provide the public users with more opportunities to be interfacing with its scarce but still a flourishing natural conditions, thus accommodate the future inhabitants with adequate dwelling condition that can engage with the context.

The project is conceived as an urban hybrid forestry of multiple elements. It will provide an opportunity to hypothetically extend its implementation on every possible ground condition and integrate with the surrounding context. In this case, the goal is for the designated four houses to occupy on given 36m x 36m grid with minimum footprint possible. Such condition will activate the block space for open opportunities appropriately to the public and its community, in both urbanistic and ruralistic conditions.

All units, with its own private open-air garden and parking, will be situated above the given block ground supported by main core. The core will provide a shared elevator platform for the car to be lifted to designated unit floor’s parking space that is interconnected with private garden space on its ground floor. The upper floor provides adequate space for its inhabitant with its own vista of various natural surroundings and plenty of natural lighting. The terracing spiral placement of the units will provide each inhabitants with its own band of privacy without any visual interference with directly neighboring unit. This layout also allow for upper units to have the lower unit‘s roof surface as their terrace space, or secondary means of egress, bounded by the lower level’s atrium void.

Public users are also provided an opportunity to engage with these units’ upper floors as a point of accessway in interfacing with vast aerial conditions of the urban forest. Accessing from the staircase at each block‘s core, there are designated unit’s rooftops that will be utilized as point of bridge condition connecting to another unit’s rooftop. The various locations of these elements will provide the general users for pedestrian infrastructure in combination with the conventional grid infrastructure on the ground level.


设计事务所 24° Studio
设计团队 Fumio Hirakawa, Marina Topunova
地点 美国




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目录: 城市规划
地点: 美国