Artist Retreat


这是 0 to 1 事务所为一位艺术家所设计的一个专供客人用的迷你住宅,位于芬兰。房子的外形是根据当地气候、文化以及业主的意见设计的。建筑的高度范围从2.1米至4.2米,入口是一个连接室内外空间的全枢轴墙。建筑用料包括木制结构,木制墙板以及钛屋顶。


Designed to be located on the property of a Finnish Fine Artist, this house is a live-work space for a guest artist. The form was generated from local climate, Finnish culture, and functions / guidelines provided by the Artist.

The section is a quarter of an octagon. The octagon increases in size from building front to back creating different volumes for different activities. The largest volume contains the utility cube with sleeping loft above, the central volume contains the work space and the unenclosed volume is an outdoor terrace.

The height of the space ranges from 2.1 meters to 4.2 meters. Entry is a full pivot wall connecting the interior space to the exterior terrace. Existing concrete footings were used for the design.

Terrace 7.5 m2

Workspace 10 m2

Kitchen 3 m2

Bathroom 3 m2

Sleeping loft 3 m2

Materials: wood structure, wood siding, titanium roof shingles


建筑设计 0 to 1
项目建筑师 Garner Oh
地点 芬兰
效果图 Teodora Radeva




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 芬兰