Hill House


这是 za bor architects 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于俄罗斯。项目名称”Hill House”即源自于住宅所在的地理位置,也反映了住宅的建筑设计:住宅看起来就像是深埋在地下一样。


Hill House or «House in Nikolina Gora» (the word ‘Gora’ in Russian means ‘Hill’) owes its name to its area location and the architectural design: the house seems to be buried into the ground. You can see the top of the project (namely, the part where the living room is situated) over the trees and the base part of it is hidden under the ground. Nevertheless Hill House corresponds to the contemporary vision of convenience and humanity.

The project creation story began with a small 3D visualization publication in a magazine. A young family with children saw it, really liked it and found its creators – Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev (za bor architects) – to order the construction of their own residence. There were no special conditions concerning the outer appearance of the future house. But the landscape was so strongly pronounced that the architects decided to dig a lower level in the ground. The idea was accepted immediately without any corrections. The rugged terrain played a positive role in the project making it not ordinary and interesting both for the architects and the clients.

Everything is upside down in this house compared to ordinary buildings: upstairs there is the entrance as well as public zones and downstairs there are private ones. Also there’s entrance to the green yard from the lower level of the construction.

By digging down the lower level and overhanging the top console, the architects created an interesting psychological effect: the house looks like a little white cube causing its guests’ amazement.

The interior is the continuation of the exterior. It’s calm, restrained, with a few bright and unusual elements. That’s the way how the concrete bar counter and the concrete fireplace appeared. Other unique elements are the wooden bed ‘hovering’ above the floor and the Corian sink with a structurally complicated shape.

The clients were completely satisfied with the result and made several more projects with the za bor architects.


设计事务所 za bor architects
地点 俄罗斯, 莫斯科
项目建筑师 Peter Zaytsev, Arseniy Borisenko
面积 450 m2
摄影 Peter Zaytsev




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地点: 俄罗斯, 莫斯科