Cultural Center and Library NV


这是 TRANSFORM 完成的一个文化中心的建筑设计,位于丹麦。项目作为一个新的扩展单位紧挨着现有的建筑物,由图书馆与社区礼堂组成。两个建筑物之间的空间被利用成为一个通用的房间,以及一个新的通用的基础架构。整个建筑是一个动态的混合的结构。


The project is located in the North West area of Copenhagen, which simultaneously is a tough, industrial, bustling, and charming area. The Klonlike resembling neighbourhood with the random townscape in the industrial sections is one of the distinctive features of the area. We have seeked to incorporate these features in our project.

The extension is shaped as a new unit next to the existing buildings, and comprises a library and a community hall. The space between is utilized as a common room, and a new common infrastructure.

The total complex has a mixed structure, and these dissimilarities in particular will be expressed in the new extension as a dynamic structure characterized by the immediate context.


地点 丹麦, 哥本哈根
合作 COBE, Schønherr, Brd. Andersen, Wessberg
面积 1,800 m2 extension, 1,200 m2 redesign
摄影 Kåre Viemose, STAMERS KONTOR




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地点: 丹麦, 哥本哈根