这是 Torafu Architects 完成的一家耐克零售店的室内设计,位于日本。项目要求空间能够同时容纳产品展示墙与一个大的显示有耐克品牌的标志牌。设计师设计了这个由一列铝翅片做为主要展示台的空间,这些板面从一个方向看是耐克的品牌语,从另一方向看则是耐克的产品展示柜。


Planning for the project to relocate the Nike Pressroom began in 2007. The space is separated in three areas; namely the “entrance space”, the “initiative space” and the “stock space”. The project required a space in which product display walls coexist with a large graphic banner that brands the space as Nike’s.

We proposed a space presenting said graphics on rows of aluminum fins. These appear as a continuous giant banner when looked at from one direction, while revealing Nike products between the fins when looked at from other directions. It is possible to confer a sense of novelty to the space by replacing these graphics to match the season’s image, or to lend flexibility to the central area events by rotating the fins flat on one side during events.

The sneaker sole pattern carved into the flooring, the cement excelsior board walls painted white, the oriented strand board furniture, etc., as well as the contrast between the overall rough finishing and the sharp expressivity of aluminum come together to reinforce Nike’s duality of their mind for innovation and for their heritage.

The luminescent surface at the end facing the exterior light from the window side serves as a projector screen on which hangs the familiar swoosh mark. This light-emitting wall evokes a “light tunnel” while the arrangement of the fins create a sense of perspective in an otherwise closed and confined space.


设计事务所 Torafu Architects
地点 日本, 东京
面积 total floor 120.24 m2
摄影 Daici Ano




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 日本, 东京