Magic Store


这是 Torafu Architects 为隐形眼镜品牌 Menicon 的一家零售店所做的室内设计,位于东京。这个概念店将用来展示厂家最前卫的超薄隐形眼镜技术。设计师通过一个棱状带有不规则表面的展示墙创建了一个新奇的空间。


We designed the interior of a concept store that opened in Omotesando, Tokyo featuring Menicon’s new line of contact lenses; Magic. Using the comprehensive contact lens manufacturer’s unique Flat Packaging Technology—said to be the world’s thinnest (1mm)—Magic represents a major departure from conventional contact lens packaging.

We proposed a ribbed display wall where the thin and compact packages can be shelved on any part of it. The wall, which wraps the interior of the store smoothly, has extrusions and depressions matching the size of these packages—like a white canvass on which to display products freely. By filling the whole display wall with Magic casings, the store is made to look like one big showcase room that faces the street. Moreover, the wall’s irregular surface create a variety of expressions of light and shadows and the plants set into the ceiling give the impression the store has been turned upside-down.

We aimed to create a showcase-like space that gives off a feeling of novelty every time one looks at the ever-expanding color variation of packages on display.


设计事务所 Torafu Architects
地点 日本, 东京
面积 total floor 32.6 m2
摄影 Daici Ano




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地点: 日本, 东京