House in Kujyukuri


这是 Office of Kimihiko Okada 完成的一座住宅的建筑设计,位于日本千叶。住宅是为一位退休后准备享受生活的人士设计的。客户要求房子简单易用,但给出的预算有限。建筑师因此决定尽量减少操作与材料,以达到最大效果。住宅的特点是其呈螺旋状逐渐增高并最终融合到房间中的墙壁。


A residence for an individual who retired from work to spend rest of his life enjoying his hobby. The house was requested to be built simple and with low construction fee, therefore, I decided to minimize the operations and materials to achieve the maximum effect. It is built on the peaceful village of the gently-sloping ground with a few residences and wood. The wall of the house starts as a site boundary. It draws a continuous spiral and ends as the partition of a central single room, gradually changing its height. The spaces with different functions such as a field, a parking lot and a work place, the living room, and the bedroom are placed in spiral continuously and yet gently divided by the wall. The different experience created by the distance of each rooms and the wall enclosed by many-fold, give depth to the space and produce the rank of privacy. Though it is a small residence of about 65 square meters of total floor area, it is aimed to create an image of endlessly continuing space and depth, and also, to give the sense of security and gentle changes in environment, by being enclosed by several folds.


设计事务所 Office of Kimihiko Okada
地点 日本, 千叶
面积 site 261.93 m2 / total floor 64.74 m2
摄影 Toshiyuki Yano




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 千叶