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这是 OCO Architects 完成的一个办公场所的建筑设计,位于美国。建筑是由圣安东尼奥市中心的工业场所转换而来,现被用作两家公司的办公室。整个转换充分体现了建筑师的创造力与想象力,建筑所使用的可回收利用的绿色环保材料也奠定了建筑审美风格的基础。


An industrial property in downtown San Antonio was transformed into an office complex for two firms. After going through separate searches to find suitable space to accommodate their expanding practices, Alamo Architects and OCO Architects joined forces to purchase a former trailer manufacturing facility with a plan to convert it into offices that showcase the firms’ skills and highlight the firms’ interest in demonstrating sustainable practices in architectural design. The firms collaborated on the design of the exterior facades and sitework and each firm individually designed their respective tenant spaces.

Located in an underutilized commercial/industrial area just south of downtown San Antonio, the 1 acre site contained 3 existing buildings totaling of approximately 16,000 square feet. The project goals were to efficiently renovate the site and buildings in a manner sympathetic to its industrial beginnings, reusing as many existing materials as possible while providing an exciting work environment.

After abatement of cement asbestos siding and roofing, skins of glass and corrugated siding were stretched over the original steel and concrete frames. The interior design honors the original raw and unfinished materials. Existing industrial sash windows were used as guardrails, wood and steel garage doors were reused as partitions and recycled flooring was reused to sheath walls and trim partitions and openings.

The renovated buildings provide day lit, comfortable, open work areas that promote collaboration and creativity. The site and buildings were linked with courtyards paved with recycled concrete and granite gravel, fenced with salvaged steel windows and recycled concrete slabs and planted with native species. Steel salvaged from previous interior and exterior alterations was reused to create trellis entrances and shade structures.

The site has been transformed into a series of landscaped courtyards with recycled concrete paving from the site demolition process combined with crushed granite gravel, a rain and condensate water collection system and xeriscape plant materials. The east courtyard uses recycled concrete fork lift counter weights to create a raised planting area complete with a fish pond created from pre-concrete septic tank rings.

Each of the three courtyard entries is fabricated from recycled pipe, channel and angle sections salvaged from the demolition process.

The building exteriors feature galvanized corrugated metal panels, galvanized standing seam roofing, existing exposed concrete and structural clay tile, aluminum storefront and windows systems, and new awnings and overhangs of recycled structural steel and galvanized roof deck.

The OCO Architects building features exposed steel trusses, a loft of exposed wood framing and reused ships ladder. The original steel garage sectional doors were reused for the entry wall and receptionist desk. The interior colors were derived from the buildings industrial safety scheme and the existing steel was left exposed and unfinished. The conference room uses translucent acrylic panels for the ceiling and walls to share natural light and the open office area is created by unfinished MDF work stations.

The Alamo Architects building features exposed steel trusses, roof decking and galvanized ductwork. Power, lighting, data and telephone are distributed to the open office area in exposed cable tray fabricated for recycled steel angles and perforated steel. A mezzanine was constructed of exposed TJ’s and sheathed in long leaf pine flooring recycled from the original industrial lofts. The guardrail and stair handrail were fabricated from recycled steel windows glazed with textured glass and perforated steel. Two 9’x13’ gates were relocated into the building to act as a screen between the reception and open office. Finishes are sealed and waxed concrete floors, natural Tectum wall panels, clear coated rusted steel, recycled long leaf pine tri recycled steel fabrications for m and painted.

From beginning to end, the transformation process required creativity and imagination. The whole aesthetic and style of the office complex is based on re-used, recycled and green friendly materials. The designer’s goals of creating comfortable work environments, demonstrating sustainable design practices and re-invigorating an underutilized area of downtown SA.


设计事务所 OCO Architects
地点 美国, 得克萨斯
摄影 Chris Cooper




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地点: 美国, 得克萨斯