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这是 OCO Architects 完成的一所学术中心的建筑设计,位于美国。该建筑是位于德州的西北Vista学院的校园总体扩展规划的一个组成部分,建筑的职能包括了实验室、教室、以及非正式的研究空间。


Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, a two-year college originally built in 1997 for 3,300 students, has today grown to support an enrollment of more than 10,000. OCO Architects, one of the architects selected to contribute to the new expanded campus master plan, was awarded the design of one of the five new buildings to be located on campus: Live Oak Hall, a three-story academic center.

Collaborative work sessions with faculty, staff and students met with OCO Architects to review three different concepts for the design of the science center. The program called for science laboratories, tutoring labs, classrooms, faculty suites and informal study spaces for disciplines ranging from math to microbiology. Live Oak Hall is sited to form the northern edge of the campus commons and take advantage of views of the newly designed, man-made lake. The three story north-south wing is aligned for lake views, while the two story east-west wing forms the north side of the commons. The wings are separated by an open pathway at the ground level allowing passage from parking to the campus commons.

The main stair tower doubles as a campus landmark and multilevel study nooks with great views of the lake and surrounding buildings. The exterior design suggests the scientific life inside; the inviting interior encourages students to simply hang out and study. The exterior pallet of brick, glass and metal acknowledges the existing campus but is composed to express “science.” Building materials were selected to articulate internal functions; brick wraps the classrooms, and metal expresses the offices and science labs. Perforated screens and awnings were used to control solar heat gain yet maintain views. Perforated metal acoustical deck panels are used as translucent shading devices; perforated metal stair risers allow natural light into the hall.

Designing the interior of the science center called for OCO Architects to conduct strategic sessions in programming with faculty, staff and students. A priority among architect and staff was the need for clear organization of a three-story building while providing areas for collaboration among students and faculty. Decentralized lounges as well as faculty suites of varying sizes provide such collaboration areas. Labs are customized for the needs of chemistry, physics, biology and geology, and the modular classroom design allows for flexibility in course and room arrangement. Tutoring labs are wired for 21 computer stations as well as promoting interaction and comradery.

Sustainability is a priority for the college, and the science center can be credited for green living. The site for the center was planted with native or adaptive vegetation allowing for open space, including the first outdoor classroom on campus. The paints, coatings and carpet used to design the center were all low-emitting materials. The lake adjacent to the science center is not only a relaxing place to study or hang out with friends but also serves as a stormwater management and water reuse feature. The design of the lake allows rainfall and AC condensate to be captured and reused for irrigation.

Part of the new dynamic master plan, Live Oak Hall is an excellent addition to the Northwest Vista College campus.


设计事务所 OCO Architects
地点 美国, 得克萨斯
摄影 Chris Cooper & Mark Menjivar




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目录: 建筑, 教育
地点: 美国, 得克萨斯