Boerne Patrick Heath Library


这是 OCO Architects 完成的一个公共图书馆的建筑设计,位于美国。设计上的可持续元素是建筑的特色:比如为自行车提供停车架、更衣室以及优先停车位,以鼓励使用替代形式的交通工具;使用雨水收集和重用的暖通空调冷凝水来灌溉景观植物,以减少食水用量等等。


Patrick Heath Public Library – Elements of sustainable design

• Provides bicycle racks and changing rooms as well as preferred parking spaces to encourage the use of alternate forms of transportation.

• Use of rain water harvest and reuse of HVAC condensate to reduce potable water consumption for landscape irrigation.

• Use of native and drought tolerant plants minimizes dependence on potable water for landscape irrigation.

• Reduced potable water use by 42% from base-line standard through use of low-flow water closets, low-flow urinals and ultra low-flow lavatories.

• Reduced energy costs by 21% from base-line standard through use of efficient exterior envelope design, lighting controls and efficient HVAC design

• Selected HVAC refrigerants that minimize or eliminate emissions of ozone depleting compounds

• Worked with contractor to recycle and divert construction waste from landfills.

• Worked with owner to set up a post occupancy recycling program.

• Selected materials that emit very low or no VOC levels.

• Selected materials with high levels of recycled content.

• Use of regionally quarried stone to minimize negative impacts of construction material transportation.

• Layout of building maximizes natural light and views to the outside while minimizing solar heat load through building orientation and the use of awnings, overhangs and shading devices.

• Worked with the owner to design and implement an on-site educational program and self-guided tour to promote the library’s sustainable design features.


设计事务所 OCO Architects
地点 美国, 得克萨斯
面积 30,000 SF
摄影 Mark Menjivar




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地点: 美国, 得克萨斯