Tree Space


这是 E/B Office 完成的一个名为’Tree Space’的景观设计。它的名称来源于整个项目的构造元素的组成逻辑就像是树一样。项目是使用三维虚拟技术创建的,基于自然现象与自然过程,并将之翻译成虚拟自然信息去创造艺术。


Tree Space is an investigation of the ambiguous dialect between virtual and natural in art. It’s a sculptural installation that figuratively looks like a tree by virtue of the compositional logic of the elements that construct it. Tree Space describes the character of a specific recursive method, the Lindenmayer System, which models growth and is characterized by tree-like or plant-like morphologies. Tree Space has branches that simulate growth and give it form, creating their own spatial field; a digital canopy under which one can stand, sit, or move freely. This form will be translated into a geometric and monolithic construction of solid material and light with embedded mechanical connections. Tree Space will literally be an open, occupiable tree with a dense canopy of computer-generated and digitally fabricated branches.

Created as a 3-dimensional object using virtual techniques, Tree Space is based on natural phenomena and natural processes; a translation into the virtual of natural information to create art. It’s an information age materialization of nature to create a different notion of designed urban natural space. Through the culturally embedded form-type of a tree, we hope to communicate the innovation of digital techniques in art and design using the symbolic perception of the public eye. Our goal is to invigorate interest in such work through a highly compelling, accessible, and exciting public art object that redefines the notion of designed urban natural space. Tree Space is available for licensed exhibit or custom installation anywhere in the world. Please contact for information.


设计事务所 E/B Office
地点 美国
设计团队 Brian W Brush and Yong Ju Lee




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目录: 景观, 公共空间
地点: 美国