Blurred House


这是 Bild Architecture 完成的一座住宅的建筑设计,位于澳大利亚。这个建筑是一系列如何适应澳大利亚郊区类型建筑的研究成果之一。名为”模糊之家”的这个项目是在一所50年代加州式的平房的基础上进行的改造与扩展。


The first in a series of studies into the adaptation of vernacular Australian suburban typologies, ‘Blurred House’ is a major renovation and extension to an original 1950’s Californian bungalow in Melbourne’s inner-north.

Reacting to the established convention of residential extension which prescribes a jarring juxtaposition of existing ‘old’ and introduced ‘new’ architectural elements ; the ‘Blurred House’ offers an alternative proposition; that of a blurring between ‘old’ and ‘new’ to produce a hybrid. Gradually transitioning from the vernacular to the contemporary, the division of architectural elements are deliberately ambiguous, producing a unique formal and visual language.

Viewed from the street, the house appears largely unchanged, with a small clerestory window the only hint of reconfiguration. Both spatially and experientially, internally and externally; moving through the house, new materials, spatial characters and formal language is progressively introduced. By the time of arrival in the back yard, the house has evolved into a different building; no longer recognizable from its original starting point; an architectural ‘rabbit in a hat’.

Reflecting the formal strategy of transition, rooms at the front of the property are left largely unadulterated, remaining more enclosed. On the other hand, living spaces to the rear are progressively more open and interconnected embracing the garden and pool areas. These varied spaces respond to different ‘modes’ of living, with differentvolumetric, acoustic, and light qualities. Whilst these spaces are linked to a greater or lesser degree, they are not ‘open plan’ in a conventional sense, rather configured in a more nuanced distribution of distinct spaces and functions.

A hybrid of both old and new, oscillating between the past and present, the building sits comfortably in the street scape as something familiar yet alien. Distinct from both the area’s new housing and the original suburban fabric the ‘Blurred House’ is neither little red riding hood or the big bad wolf, somewhere in between.


设计事务所 Bild Architecture
地点 澳大利亚
项目建筑师 Ben Milbourne, Haslet Grounds, Alison Stout
面积 215 m2
摄影 Tanja Milbourne Photography




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 澳大利亚