Cafe 3


这是 Andre Kikoski Architect 完成的一个咖啡馆的室内设计,位于美国。这个咖啡店座落于一家博物馆内,同时还提供酒与糕点。博物馆建筑本身的动感线条与室内设计相结合,使得空间具有艺术感。


This café serving espresso, wine and pastries is a compliment to and a comment on Wright’s design. Our intent is to make this an intervention in the space, within Wright’s language and his philosophy by shaping and transforming the iconic forms of the building. The threaded logic of these monolithic Corian planes and volumes moving through the space, allow the visitor to both create and experience the space’s kinetic energy simultaneously. These curves link our design not only with the museum’s architecture, but with its art as well. Kandinsky’s swooping lines and Stella’s restraint reverberate here. The café is simple, but says a lot; not tense minimalism, but calm purity. Like the museum, even when filled with a blur of moving bodies, it remains still.


设计事务所 Andre Kikoski Architect
地点 美国, 纽约
面积 850 SF
摄影 Peter Aaron at ESTO, Eric Laignel




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地点: 美国, 纽约