Megaman at Euroshop


这是 Sybarite 为灯具供应商Megaman在Euroshop 2011展会上的展台所做的设计,位于德国。设计师避开了传统的以产品展示为诉求的展台设计,另辟蹊径,创建了一个庞大的能够反应用户产品本质的一个雕塑。


Approaching this design as architects rather than trade stand designers led us to create something completely different than a typical exhibition stand for Megaman at Euroshop 2011. Although Megaman are a well established company and a leading supplier of low-energy lamps to the building industry, they wanted something unique and attention-grabbing to improve their brand recognition.

Completely eschewing the conventional emphasis on product display, we decided to create a massive piece of sculpture to represent the essence of Megaman’s product – the use of reflectors to intensify light. While other stands emphasised light itself – to a degree that was unrelentingly blinding – we turned this on its head it with a dark and cosy space lit by only three lamps. This created an experience for the visitor which was intriguing and interactive, while the simplicity increased the brand’s impact by making its presence more memorable.


设计事务所 Sybarite
地点 德国, 杜塞尔多夫
设计师 Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh
面积 143 m2
摄影 Stefan Effner




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目录: 室内, 商业