这是 Sybarite 完成的一个公共座椅的家具设计。这个座椅最初是为一个博览会设计的,以使得那些小的临时性空间能够物尽其用。由于其轻便的结构、模块化的构成方式以及雕塑般的流线弓形外观,也使得该座椅可以用于酒吧、餐厅以及住宅室内项目中。


Presenting a solution for communal seating which is adaptable on many levels, the Archetto was initially designed for the Buyer’s Club at the 2011 Pitti Uomo, a large fashion trade fair held in Florence, Italy. The brief was to make the best use of a small temporary space, to give substance and luxury to what could otherwise be boring and nondescript. The fluid ‘bow’ shape is both aesthetic and functional: it maximises seating capacity while gathering people together, encouraging conversation and sociability. The back of the structure sweeps up from seating height to form a screen, allowing a degree of privacy without creating a barrier. Avoiding abrupt edges which might make it feel closed off, the seat wraps around itself, inviting newcomers to sit down and join the conversation.

Its lightweight structure and modular construction makes it simple to transport and reutilise in new locations, making it ideal for trade fairs and temporary show rooms. The design would readily transfer to more permanent usage in bars, restaurants or residential projects as well as breakout spaces or meeting rooms in offices. It’s scale and sculptural form make it well-suited to any setting, from a Medici palazza to the Guggenheim in New York to a modern office environment.

The Archetto also featured in Interni Magazine’s Mutant Architecture exhibition at the 2011 Salone del Mobile design festival in Milan. The sleek and slightly futuristic style contrasted particularly well against the historic courtyard of L’Ospedale Maggiore which housed the exhibition.


Archetto is constructed of high density foam which is CNC milled from a CAD-CAM file to ensure precision cutting. It’s finished in white flowcoat, a GRP lacquer similar to that used in yachts, ensuring the structure is suitable for external use. It’s lightweight and constructed in five pieces, making it easy to both assemble and transport. Practical for a showroom or office setting, connectivity is ensured by multiple power points set into the stainless steel skirting. Optional PVC-upholstered cushioning maintains a sleek look while enhancing comfort in a lounging situation. Archetto measures 5 m x 3.5 m x 1.5.


设计事务所 Sybarite
地点 意大利, 佛罗伦萨
设计师 Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh
摄影 Federico Ambrosi (at Pitti Uomo); Cristiano Corte (outside photos at Salone del Mobile)




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