CaféB – SkyB


这是 Federico Delrosso Architects 完成的一个意大利餐厅的室内设计,位于美国。设计吸取了事务所完成的Bice系列餐厅的设计经验,体现了当代意大利设计的风范。


Interior design by Federico Delrosso for a new concept Italian restaurant.

Stemming from the experience of the Bice restaurant,* the new location aims mainly at the contemporary world of Italian design. “A key ingredient of this project,” confirms Federico Delrosso, “is the invocation of the Italian city known worldwide for its ability to launch ideas and trends.


设计事务所 Federico Delrosso Architects
地点 美国
设计师 Federico Delrosso




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地点: 美国