Casa Syntes in Pinto


这是 dosmasuno arquitectos 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于西班牙。项目面临两个基本的挑战,一是当地传统的院落式住宅观念,二是一年中有几个月的强烈的日光辐射。建筑师选择了一个不同以往的设计,整个房子以沿着地块延伸的底座为基础,形成了三个不同类型的内部庭院。


The project had to face two preliminary constraints: a surrounding area burdened by the aesthetic and cultural tradition of the Spanish row-house concept and, on the other hand, the plot’s exposure to solar radiation during the hottest months of the year.

Thus, we decided to search for a hideaway to this appalling landscape, offering a secluded space which features a range of atmospheres that emphasize life within the house -notwithstanding its surroundings- and, besides, for a strategy by means of which the desired climatic confort could be achieved in a passive and flexible way. These decisions resulted in an array of diversely qualified spaces that enable different life trends depending on the varying seasons’ climate.

The house can be described as a topographic volume, a plynth running along the plot emerging from level -0.90m, and perforated with three different types of inner courtyards, which provide the dwelling space with natural illumination and crossed ventilation. This new topography, made up of flat and pitched roofs, generates a continuous terrace which can be enjoyed in many ways. The only volume related to the street is a hovering prism, detached from the plynth, which works as an independent space and creates an interstitial porch below.

In a subsequent phase, the main volume and courtyards will be covered by a natural envelope, an ivy (Ampelopsis tricuspidata) pergola tangled in a simple-torsioned wire mesh, protecting the dwelling from the solar radiation.


设计事务所 dosmasuno arquitectos
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro and Lina Toro
合作 Begoña de Abajo, Qianyi Lim, Paula Raimúndez, Carlos Ramos
面积 241 m2
摄影 Miguel de Guzmán




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Casa Syntes in Pinto, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙