KM-QRO – Management and Operating Facilities


这是 casaPública 完成的一个办公室的室内设计,位于墨西哥。客户是一家塑料转化机销售商,他们租用了一个仓库以建立自己的办事处。方案设计了一个新的可拆除的两层结构,以最大程度的利用空间,外观、形式以及材料的选择严格的遵照了建筑所要求的功能与程序。


Krauss Maffei is a German company with representation in several countries. After 30 years in Mexico selling plastic transformation machines. Krauss Maffei, decided for the first time to build their own offices in a rented warehouse in order to concentrate the companies information, storage spare parts, work space for personnel, a service centre and teaching facilities.

CasaPública was commissioned and had only four months for the design and construction.

The management and operating of he company are located in the Industrial complex Benito Juárez, Santiago de Querétaro. México. They’re built inside an industrial building with a untouchable structure.

A new freestanding two level structure, with the possibility of being dismantled, is erected in the interior of the facility, allowing a maximum amount of free space for exhibition and heavy equipment manoeuvring of up to 50 tons.

It’s façade and form, as well as the materials selection, are the strict result of function and the required program, just as the simplification of circulations, clearly showing the visitors the way to take. In addition, the facility has a call centre, two showrooms, training area, kitchen–eating room, a heavy equipment warehouse, a meeting room, offices for 25 people and service areas.

The corrugated aluminium panels used for the façade gives privacy and security to the personnel from any possible accidents. The glass transparency separating the office area from the showroom allows permanent visual contact between management and technical tasks.

The furniture for the teaching facilities was also designed by casaPública.


设计事务所 casaPública
地点 墨西哥
设计师 Pamela Moreno Caballero, Patricio Guerrero, Rodrigo Durán, Daniel Ibarra, Sara Villanueva, Amaury Senties, Paolo González, EstructurArq, PCC Construcciones (Hilario Trejo), Cinco Diseño (Bernanrdo Sarvide y Leonardo Sarvide), Tandemex (Victor Meizner), Diseño en Madera (Ricardo Jarillo)
面积 385 m2
摄影 Rafael Gamo




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