Kleinwort Benson


这是 BBFL 为财富管理服务商 Kleinwort Benson 的办公室所做的室内设计,位于新加坡。设计的构思方向是能够清晰传达公司强有力形象的一个干净的设计,粗线条与明确界定的空间作为主要的手法。低调的优雅与一定的重力感是整个外观与选材的驱动原则,这也与客户受尊重的形象相吻合。


Kleinwort Benson is an independently owned private bank and leading provider of wealth management solutions to private individuals and fund administration services to corporate clients, operating from a network of offices across the UK and the Channel Islands. Rated as the top performing wealth manager in the Financial Times Private Client Wealth ManagementSurvey 2010 and winner of the Best Private Bank 2008.

The design direction for Kleinwort Benson was conceived as a clean looking design with strong lines and clearly defined spaces which would underline the strength and clarity of the company’s direction within the financial sector.Glass was extensively used in the customer platform area to maintain the co-relationship between adjacent spaces while also enhancing the clarity and open-ness of the office customer platform.

Understated elegance and a sense of occasion and gravity were the driving principles behind the overall look and feel as well as the material selection. This goes hand-in-hand with Kleinwort Benson’s identity and image as a respected, strong and established private banking and investment entity.


设计事务所 BBFL
地点 新加坡
设计师 Shafie Latiff, Shafie Rased
面积 8,000 square feet
摄影 Amir Sultan (Living Pod)




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地点: 新加坡