Chatham House


这是 Axis Mundi 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于纽约。房子除了提供业主家庭的生活与住宿功能外,还提供私人艺术品画廊的功能。建筑在农村/城市,纪念/亲密,正式/非正式的关系上做了一些微妙的平衡处理。通过窗口可达的田园风光,使得在室内空间也可以近距离欣赏大自然的力量。


Located in the heart of Shaker country in Columbia County, a two-hour drive north of New York City. The Chatham house seeks to establish cultural roots with the Shaker views on spiritual simplicity and the elimination of the superfluous, while embracing a forward type of regional modernism. Without abandoning modernist concerns for function, economy and formal innovation, the project embraces universal ideas and regional differences, and cultivates a reciprocal relationship with the natural landscape.

The house serves two primary functions: Living accommodations for a small family, and as a private art gallery for a constantly evolving collection of contemporary art and design objects.

The house is raised on a low concrete dais; entry is via a gently inclined ramp from which grass is allowed to grow. The architectural gesture is composed of two shifted rectangular volumes that are bisected by a 16’ high light filled entrance gallery, which separates the main living space from the guest bedrooms. A detached studio clad in cor-ten steel shingles is separated from the main block, yet the entire composition is neatly held together under one continuous roof structure sheathed in copper.

The floor of the gallery is polished concrete and lit from all sides with natural light that is filtered through a polycarbonate-paneled clerestory. The main loft-like living space consists of living and dining areas, kitchen, and a master suite with 12’ ceilings. Both the floors and the ceiling are covered in wide walnut planks. The cabinetry throughout is has been limited to American black walnut or oak. All interior details have been reduced to a minimum. There is a calculated play with a sense of urban monumentality and an understated humbleness in the selection and finish of materials. All of the walls are unpainted smooth white Venetian plaster. Custom details include metalwork fabricated in hot-rolled steel that is hand waxed to a subtle shine. The client specifically requested that the walls be made extra thick to produce a strong sense of solidity.

The house plays off a subtle juxtaposition between rural/urban, monumental/intimate, and formal/informal relationships. The pastoral landscape seen through deep windows produces a carefully framed views of the landscape, allowing a near solitary contemplation of the forces of nature from a space that is conceptually far removed from it.


设计事务所 Axis Mundi
地点 美国, 纽约
面积 3000 sq. ft.




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国, 纽约