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这是 za bor architects 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于莫斯科。客户厌倦了乏味的传统的建筑模式,因此愿意建筑师在设计上做任何独特的尝试,唯一的条件是保留该地块上所有的树木。这也使得设计师不得不在有限的面积上迁就根深叶茂的树木,从而早就了这样一个看似疯狂的设计。


Not so long ago in Moscow appeared a spectacular green house. No tree was damaged and only natural materials were used in the interior of the house.

Architects sometimes meet clients tired of traditional things and, consequently, willingly agreed for any experiments. The client of this project made several attempts of cooperation with other architectural bureaus, which offered him a bit too boring and trivial solutions, to his mind. After that he gave carte blanch to Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev (za bor architects) to design a very unique residential house. He wasn’t afraid of the bureau’s expressive brand style, which (according to the legend popular in the architectural circles of Moscow) repels classics connoisseurs by its name only. (The Russian word ‘zabor’ means ‘fence’).

In fact the only condition of the customer was preserving of all trees at a comparatively small site (1800 sq.m) As a result the foundation occupies only 300sq.m (the total area of the residential units is 560 sq.m).

‘That’s why this house’s got such a ‘crazy’ plan: we had to preserve all birches, oaks and pines around the small wooden hut. – Arseniy says, – Later, in the course of construction, the trees caused much trouble too: when laying the foundation, we found a huge root. So in partnership with constructor we designed a special concrete pipe embedded into the foundation: thus the root was saved’.

However, the volume, which literally grew from the foundation, turned out to be very convenient for zoning. As a result, both the house owners and the personnel feel free and don’t embarrass one another.

The owner’s part of the project is divided into public and private areas, which is emphasized by means of materials and colours. Almost the whole ground floor is designed in white: light marble, grey river pebbles, glass and steel of the scarce fitments are here and there diluted with black built-in furniture constructed right on the spot. Its helps one get orientated in the monochrome space and serves as a kind of pointer. For instance, the geometrically complex bar counter which is constructively connected with the volume of the supporting column and stairs, is placed right in front of the steps leading to the second floor. While the original bench, serving also as stairs fencing in the other part of the living room, points at the downstairs leading to the ‘cosmic’ wine cellar.

‘The customer wanted to see the outer space in the wine cellar, something vivid and extraordinary. But that area was quite chamber in fact. That’s why we wrapped it up in a wide strand of Corian and lit it. At the ends we placed stained glass mirrors. We like to expand the space using this technique. – Peter says. – By the way, in the dining room we used the same method for ‘cosmic effect’ creation, but without mirrors: the sophisticated walls plastic makes you feel as if you’re in the future in a kind of spaceship especially when you turn on the complex backlight’.

The second floor is more conservative and contrasts with the public zones. It was reflected in a more humane materials and colours choice: the oak floor, the pastel textile, the arm-chairs covered in textile create a calm home atmosphere in the interior. Even the dark wenge panels and bathroom furniture don’t break the idyll and visual peace.

Above the bedroom you can see the skies through one of the zenith windows. According to Peter, there’s a maintained roof which is located between two house wings: for adults and for children. There you can arrange a picnic or sunbathe: the façade reliably protects it from curious looks.


The house has solid-cast reinforced concrete frame with piers and bridging and walls made of brick. One wall is sloped (hacking brickwork). There are two apartment floors and a basement storey deepened to 1,20 meters below ground level (the only thing deeper is a wine cellar). The services: water pumps, blowing wells, an emergency diesel-generator and a fuel storage tank are located in the basement storey. A sanitary piping, gas and electricity supply are also arranged in the basement.

The rooftop is made of one-piece and has the maximum slope of 12 angle degrees. It is provided with clerestories to lighten a stair shaft and a dormer. There is an accessible roof area for sunbathing or picnic located between the house wings.

There are two balconies and one recessed balcony on the second apartment floor. The recessed balcony adjoins a closet and is sheltered from rainfall by glass shed with a metal frame.

Outflows made of thin stainless pipes are being raised above the rooftop level and sloped against the house space to intensify an aesthetic impression.


设计事务所 za bor architects
地点 俄罗斯, 莫斯科
项目建筑师 Peter Zaytsev, Arseniy Borisenko
面积 building 300 m2 / floor 560 m2
摄影 Zinur Razutdinov, Peter Zaytsev




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地点: 俄罗斯, 莫斯科