这是 visiondivision 设计的一个雕像,位于阿联酋。雕像的原型来自阿拉伯历史悠久的一种职业,讲故事的人。雕像将成为这个公园乃至城市最显著的标志。雕像的底部是一个能够提供阅读与故事表演的图书馆,公园的各个部分装有小喇叭,以便于休闲的人们能够欣赏这种古老职业的魅力。


“The Al-Hakawati is a storyteller whose profession is to spellbind his audience with his eloquent stories and tales.

It is a beautiful profession that goes way back in ancient Arabic times and still is performed in the Arabic world today.

Unfortunately the profession is dying, along with all the stories that have travelled from people to people for generations.

But Dubai can now have its own Scheherazade, the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, to recite all the legends and stories that the Arabic culture is so full of, and where can be a better place to relax and enjoy these tales if not in a vast and beautiful park like the Zaabeel Park.

The storyteller will add an extra layer to the park environment, making people linger longer in the park, promoting conversations and stimulating the imagination, unifying the different parts of the park with its appearance. The statue will be a home of stories; a children’s library in its base and various spaces for performance and reading inside of the statue.

The statue will leave a small footprint in the existing park and it will enhance the park experience for everyone; as a unique visual landmark and a creation of new possibilities for the park.

In every part of the Zaabeel park, small speakers are set up so people can gather around them and listen to the statue when he recites stories; perhaps great legends from One thousand and one night, historical anecdotes from the city itself and future speculations, all this performed with an animated body language.

Families can relax in the well kept grass areas of the park while listening and gazing at this new friend of the city.

A continuous monument of memories.”


设计事务所 visiondivision
地点 阿联酋, 迪拜




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 阿联酋, 迪拜