Lost Pines Chapel


这是 LZT Architects 完成的一个景观设计,位于美国。这个看似简陋的公共建筑旨在为不同信仰的人群提供一个礼拜的场所,不管是穆斯林,佛教,基督教还是犹太教。项目俏皮的铰链形式赋予了建筑一种可随时改变的感觉,也正契合了其为不同宗教共用的特性。


This interfaith chapel is built on a lakeside within the piney forests of a Cub Scout Camp. The open air structure hosts all manner of religious gathering from Muslim to Buddhist , from Christian to Judaic.

The chapel is composed of repeated wood members that vary in their rustication from the lower members increasing in their refinement upward. Since the lower members are wider and become narrower toward the top the upper members don’t not touch and are free to move and sway in the wind. This movement is unexpected and when it occurs and a sudden connection to the surrounding forest is made.

The frame rotation gives the building a fluid quality linking it to the movement of water in the lake beyond. The playful rotation also gives the building the feeling that it could change or is changing like an opening fan or hinged toy. This implied mutability links and strengthens the buildings form to its program, that of an interfaith chapel. Since many of the building users will be children the buildings clarity of structure will also be an instructional tool and hopefully inspire, in the cub scouts, an interest in architecture and building.


设计事务所 Murray Legge – LZT Architects
地点 美国
设计团队 Murray Legge, Herman Thun, Lucas Brown
面积 600 sf
摄影 Murray Legge




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