House in Nukuikitamachi


这是 Mizuishi Architect Atelier 设计的一个住宅,位于日本东京。房子坐落在一个很深的院落里,主人是一对夫妻与他们的两个小孩,以及两只狗与三只猫。房子较长的东西向是封闭的,而较短的南北向是开放的,并且两端都有最小的只有600mm的窄结构墙相衔接。


This house was planned in the deepest part of a site divided into three. Because it was expected that next buildings approach in the east and west, I aimed at the house which wind and looking could pass in the north and south direction. Residents are husband and wife, two little girls, two dogs, three cats.They had many personal things, but when I saw the overflow condition of their things,I thought It is good exactly for them just like “they are not worry,even if they do not tidy up” rather than they keep a thing in storage exactly.

The long side direction,walls of east and west is closed.The short side direction,walls of north and south is open by making the minimum structural narrow walls of 600 mm continue at both ends. I call a stracture wall area by this narrow wall “FUTOKORO” ( FUTOKORO means recess space among something in Japanese ). This “FUTOKORO” changes that role variously, becoming furniture, such as storage, a working table, and a desk, or becoming a pet’s room or extension of the room, closing with curtain or opening.I can say the wall with the thickness that the life of the resident was reflected.

The whole house is connected,by excursion line of flow which is course by stairs and a wellhole in the center,and by lowering the north side floor of the level+1 in regulation of setback-line. And I arranged a gap and the opening to be able to come to variously from stairs and a wellhole.On the south side,the big earthen floor which served as the entrance is made in one with a terrace,and outside environment is drawn in the inside by being enclosed with a wood lattice. The lattice prevents the escape of pets and controls eyes and sunlight from the outside. This earthen floor unifies the inside and outside by opening a large orificial window, and it is in the place that can interchange with pets.

I think that “FUTOKORO” changes variously in their living and they will live happily with coexisting with pets or things in this house.


设计事务所 Mizuishi Architect Atelier
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Kota Mizuishi
面积 site 157.27m2 / building 67.52 m2 / total floor 108.11 m2




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 东京