House in Horinouchi


这是 Mizuishi Architect Atelier 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于日本东京。这个小房子坐落在一块由小河与街道交汇而成的蛋丸之地上,建筑的形就是从这个狭长的三角形地块上切割下来的锐角部分。虽然面积有限,设计师仍然尝试在设计中表达建筑与河流的不同关系。


This is a very small house built on the triangle site where the river and the road were crossed and made to the acute angle. For the dead-end road, it became a plan in various regulations for obtaining special permission.

Residents are husband and wife and a little girl. Although it was a novel site of a limited area, since a river was faced through a bank and a promenade, I would like to design various relations with the river. The building is the form that cut an acute angle part on a triangle plan derived from the site. Furthermore,it got the maximum volume of hip roof of three planes in restriction of setback-line.

Although the level 0 floor was a private space,it limits for dividing with the curtain of a race in the door, stairs, storage, etc. except for a bathroom. It enabled it to feel a spread.

The level+1 floor is devided into small areas by structural narrow walls, being connected with one by the ridgeline of a roof. So there are different open feelings and the relations with the river each.

That is

1. dining&kitchen / The west side space up the stairs is the largest planarly, and has high ceiling with a feeling of rise towards the roof top.

2. living / The central space is low ceilinged,and has full-opening windows on both sides as a balcony and the bay window that spreads outward with a feeling of floating

3. spare room / The east side space in the deepest is a form which is narrowed down to the direction of flow of the river,and is a space watching the light to insert earlier of the abyss..

4. loft / The space with two skylights is a space looking down at the river and looking up at the sky.

The limited volume snuggles up to the river ,and I think that I was able to design various space that can live while looking for a favorite place to stay.


设计事务所 Mizuishi Architect Atelier
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Kota Mizuishi
面积 site 52.14m2 / building 29.07 m2 / total floor 55.24 m2
摄影 Hiroshi Tanigawa




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地点: 日本, 东京