这是 Mas Arquitectura 为跨国公司Losan集团的总部所做的室内设计,位于西班牙。Losan集团是一家跨国经营的木材公司,他们希望新的室内设计能充分反映该公司的精神。该方案将公司的指导方针体现在了每一个空间,一个巨大的木制大厅,无处不在的木制材料,以及充足的自然光源。


An important reform in multinational company´s main office

The spirit of a multinational must be transmitted in his office. This project is the best example

Multinational timber company, Losan Group, chose Mas Arquitectura to carry out an important reform in his main office, placed in Spain. The project was able to create new spaces in a limited space. After weeks of hard work, new office was ready and able to reflect on its installations the Losan main ideas: “Giving solutions to your customer, respect for environment, energetic control, quality and new technologies”.

The company´s guidelines are reflected in each space: a large wooden hall is followed by a distributional corridor which connects with a technical room, fits up with hand-made furniture. Nearly, we can find baths, a small coffee room, individual studies and a large directive room, the place where Losan´s future was decided.

Natural light is another important element in this project. Windows are designed to take advantage of the views in order to create a wonderful atmosphere inside. Wooden finishes contributes to show a image of warmth.

The reform was made carefully, taking care over details through the more than 350 m² office´s surface. Interior coatings were realized using solid wood made by Losan, which make clear the high quality of its goods. These new office have improved the employees´ life level and have encouraged the company´s image. We are proud of our work.


设计事务所 Mas Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
设计师 Marcos Samaniego
面积 360 m2
摄影 Ana Samaniego




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地点: 西班牙