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这是 BBFL 为律师事务所 A&O 的新办公室所做的室内设计,位于新加坡。各种新技术的融合给办公空间带来了新的可能,开放与宽敞的空间也可以变得私密与亲切。设计的方向就是依托这些新科技,创建一个无缝的办公前景。


Allen &Overy (A&O) are a specialized law firm, focused on legal solutions for commercial and financial services and transactions.

A&O have had an international presence since its foundation in the 1930s and have always seized new opportunities to practice across the world.

Over the years we have helped shape and been involved in many ground-breaking developments in the legal field. A&O advised on the first ever hostile takeover in the City of London, drafted the first ever Eurobond in the 1960s and have taken the lead on creating many innovative structures in all core areas of legal practice.

The new office intended for A&O at 50 Collyer Quay has been designed by BBFL based on sound basic principles of developing spaces which besides simply filling the programmatic function of the client, are also interesting as individual spaces within their own right.

Integration of new technology such as Smart Glass (Auto-frost) allow new dimensions to be brought into the office, where spaces which are open and spacious can become private and intimate literally at the touch of a button. The addition of acoustically sound systems such as the Jeb glass containment system creates spaces which fulfill the A&Os need for visual as well as audio private areas which are multi-function and which also become statements about the company’s attention to detail as well as its future proof, forward looking plans.

The design direction was to create a seamless outlook which was in-line with the technology implemented to the office. Clear architectural lines were applied to project clarity in the design. A “floating” reception stone counter was introduced as a fundamental feature to welcome clients’ arrival. The reception lobby attached to an observatory deck overlooks the prestigious view of Marina Bay Sands skyline.

Internal office spaces are made open and staff placement has been strategically planned to maintain the visual connection between key and supporting staff.

Throughout, it is clear from the design that there has been a very strong yet subtle attempt to bring in hospitality standards into the common office work environment, raising the bar on what an office environment can be and dispelling myths about what are the acceptable set and tried rules for office and commercial spaces.


设计事务所 BBFL
地点 新加坡
设计团队 Shafie Latiff, Shafie Rased, James Loh
面积 30,000 square feet
摄影 Amir Sultan (Living Pod)




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地点: 新加坡