SleepBox – 俄罗斯袖珍旅馆


这是 Arch Group 设计的一个名为 SleepBox 的迷你旅馆。它一般放置于机场、火车站内,用于给往来旅客提供临时的休憩之用。这个迷你建筑大概有 2.5×1.6 米大小,提供两张上下铺的小床,内有插座可用于充电。SleepBox 为旅客应对那些不可预知的情况提供了一个安全且低廉的解决方案。


Imagine the situation where you are in a modern city, you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not a comfortable situation because modern aggressive cities give you no opportunity to rest and relax. If you want to sleep while waiting for your plane or train, you face many security and hygiene problems.

We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable. For this purpose we have developed SLEEPBOX. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest without wasting time in search for a hotel. Possible locations for SLEEPBOX include:

- Railroad stations

- Airports

- Exhibition centers

- Public and shopping centers

- Accommodation facilities

SLEEPBOX allows everybody in unforeseen circumstances to spend a night safely and inexpensively or simply to kill a few hours without leaving the luggage. SLEEPBOX is a small mobile compartment (box) with a 2.5×1.6m base and 2.5-3m height. One of its main advantages is its ability to be installed in the airport “clean” zone, just in front of the gates. This is precisely the area where travelers have to spend hours waiting for their delayed flights or transfer.

Currently we offer one-, two-, or three-bed Sleepboxes, which can be made of MDF (wood), metal, and glass-reinforced plastic. SLEEPBOX allows from 30 min to several hours of paid use. The price varies depending on the number of hours in use: the more the user pays for, the less it costs per hour.

SLEEPBOX base features include ventilation and sockets for notebook and mobile phone chargers. Space for luggage is under the bed, and each bed has a nightstand. In addition to general lighting, SLEEPBOX has built-un LED reading lamps. Windows are equipped with electric-drive blinds for privacy.

SLEEPBOX’s main function is to afford a restful sleep. However, depending on location, it can be equipped with additional features. Available options include:

- Matted film on windows with changing transparency

- Mood lighting – LED lamps with changing light colors

- Built-in media block (TV, touch-screen monitor)

- Wi-Fi router

- Alarm, intercom

- Safe deposit box

- Built-in payment station with magnetic keys

In mid-August 2011, the first SLEEPBOX was installed at the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia. It represents the base version made of MDF with a natural ash-tree veneer. This SLEEPBOX attracted such a great deal of interest from passengers and big companies that chances are first commercially operated boxes will be installed at airports and in the city by the end of this year.


设计事务所 Arch group
地点 俄罗斯
设计师 A.Goryainov, M. Krymov
面积 4 m2




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