870 UN Plaza


这是 Andre Kikoski Architect 完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于曼哈顿。公寓的每间房间都有一个能欣赏曼哈顿美景的独特视角,项目的设计也着重突出了这一点。精心选择的材料,对细节的精益求精与卓越的工艺相结合,创造了这个柔软和优雅的现代主义空间。


Exceptional materials and careful consideration of details distinguish this 4,500 SF duplex in one of Manhattan’s great modernist tower. With its commanding views from every room, the apartment is a natural for grand and intimate entertaining. Our design highlights this attribute and emphasizes gracious daily living as well. The sumptuous textures and material palette are unique and understated. They distinguish the apartment for visitors, but also enhance the residents’ everyday experiences. Walls of lacquer panels that are divided by statuary bronze inserts, Verde Maritaka granite, hand-made silver floor tiles, and circular stair set against a wall of leather-wrapped panels and extensive use of American Black Walnut millwork are just a few of the elegant custom finishes. The combination of these sophisticated materials and superior craftsmanship create a soft and elegant modernism in fulfillment of the owner’s vision for the space.


设计事务所 Andre Kikoski Architect
地点 美国, 纽约
面积 4,500 SF
摄影 Frank Oudeman




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地点: 美国, 纽约