Pepe Gascón arquitectura 设计的这个住宅位于一个尺寸有限的陡峭斜坡上。单一嵌入地面的这个建筑有着简单与直接的线条:包括一个完美的正方形,两个扭曲的切口以及与主卧相连的庭院。室内设计以简洁与明亮的色彩为主,开放透明的玻璃幕墙则让不远处的风景尽收眼底。


The house is located on a plot of limited dimensions, characterized by a steep slope. It was considered necessary to develop the project closely integrating the property with the land in contrast to nearby properties which were built upwards, abandoning the land.

The result is a sloping architectural work, featuring a single volume embedded in the ground with straight and simple lines: it comprises a perfect square whose side measures eleven meters, distorted only by two incisions made in the roof from which the access hall to the house emerges and an intimate courtyard linked to the master bedroom. The project is developed on three levels: on the lower level, on the ground floor, are the daytime areas, and on the two upper floors, the bedrooms. The property shows itself to be introverted displaying the charm of its interior, where simplicity and light shades predominate, making it an excellent setting for rest and relaxation. The dialogue with the landscape is established thanks to the openings to the outside and the glass façade, which bathe the interior of the house with light.


设计事务所 Pepe Gascón arquitectura
地点 西班牙, 巴塞罗那
项目团队 Josep Gascón, Jesús Gallego, Efrem López
面积 214,00 m2
摄影 Eugeni Pons




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