Pulpeira Vilalúa


这是 Mas Arquitectura 为一家西班牙餐厅所做的室内设计。餐厅名为Pulpeira Vilalúa,以章鱼为主要的餐品。项目的主题是创建一个独特的、与家人朋友共享美味的地方。家具、灯具以及布局的完美结合满足了客户的要求,由可再生材料及陈年老木制作的家具更增添了别样的气氛。


Mas Arquitectura moves to Madrid the essence of traditional galician “pulpeira”

A unique place to share experiences and enjoy, at the same time, a tasty dinner. This is a “pulpeira” a traditional Galician restaurant where octopus is the main product. The project, develop for Marcos Samaniego from Mas Arquitectura study, adapts this traditional store to an urban space: Madrid.

The local, called “Pulpeira Vilalúa”, follow a main idea: a place to share your time with family and friends. For this reason, the local has designed with continuous benches –an invitation to share experiences- and perimetral layout. The furniture, designed by Mas Arquitectura team, bets for renewable materials, as old wood.

The entrance to “Vilalúa” universe supposes a trip towards unknown world: the pleasure of good cooking. A tunnel, which allows us to entry in the local, has been equipped with shelves and wastebaskets to turn this space into a comfortable place for smokers.

Inside, the local hides a lot of secrets. A special main door or wine barrels used as tables are interested details that should be discover.

Mas Arquitectura, a Spanish young study, has developed this project from design to execution. Only this way of working guarantees a perfect harmony: furniture, lighting and layout are part of a set: “Pulpeira Vilalúa”


设计事务所 Mas Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
设计师 Marcos Samaniego
面积 106 m2
摄影 Ana Samaniego




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