MN Program 办公室


这是 Mas Arquitectura 为一家软件公司的新办公室所做的室内设计,位于西班牙。宽阔的能够令员工长时间安心工作的办公空间是整个设计的主旨。工作区沿着大窗口纵向安排,可以使员工在工作时欣赏到大西洋的美景。一个木制的四边形空间为日常工作的创意提供了些许气氛。


Enjoying working

This office´s design combines functionality and relax to create a suitable atmosphere for working.

Office´s concept has changed. Nowadays, companies are looking for wide spaces where their employees can feel at ease. MNProgram, a Spanish company leader in management software, has built his new office following this revolutionary concept.

The office, placed on A Coruña (Spain), is characterized by high quality materials; views over Atlantic sea and relax spaces, including a living room with TV plasma and sofas and a nice kitchen where enjoy snacks.

Design bets for open spaces. Consequently, job places have been arranged longitudinally along the large window, in order to take advantage of natural light and provide employees with spectacular views over Atlantic Ocean. As a result, movement inside is agile and direct.

A quadrilateral space, called “the ring”, dominates the central space of the office. Built in wood, “the ring” offers creatives a pure atmosphere to work away from the daily stress.

Other spaces, as bathrooms -whose access is done using a footbridge-, or kitchen -equipped with TV, sofa and a larder-, contributes to employees enjoyment. Indeed, natural light from Atlantic sea makes easier spend a day in this office, designed by Marcos Samaniego, from Mas Arquitectura.

The project includes high quality materials. Natural wooden finishes are combined with satin-finishes in work space. Grass is a special guest. Remarkably soft, grass covers not only the floor but also several walls.

It´s only one of MNProgram office secret´s.


设计事务所 Mas Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
设计师 Marcos Samaniego
面积 450 m2
摄影 Ana Samaniego




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