这是 Mas Arquitectura 设计的一个住宅,位于西班牙拉科鲁尼亚。这个温馨的房子是建筑师对传统的加利西亚建筑形式的一个小改造。建筑师在优质材料与温暖空间的基础上,添加了新的元素:设计。除了传统的石材外,建筑师也使用了新的搪瓷木材。室内设计则重点强调亮度与温暖的色彩。


The warmth of the traditional designs perpetuates on light forms in this house placed on A Coruña (Spain).

Quality materials and warm spaces have been characterizing the Galician traditional architecture since XV century. Marcos Samaniego architect, from Mas Arquitectura, a young Spanish study, has added a new element to this tradition: the design. As a result, this house has been built in A Coruña (Spain). The architect has added enamel wood to galician traditional material, Stone, in order to maintain the warmth of the house.

However, the bioclimatic plan of the house leads to a simple lines design, with large windows in the walls in order to allow nature comes into the interior space. The revolutions´ origin. The carpentries, which are introduced into de Stone walls, make stronger the structure.

The interior are emphasized by brightness and warm colors. In addition, the sun light gets over all the spaces from a skylight in the main floor. In the kitchen, you can observe smooth surfaces and design furniture.

Details are very important in this house. The main stair, covered by oak wood, receives the light from the large window and it is decomposed creating a hand-made library.

To sum up, this house means a small transformation on the Galician traditional architecture, an avant-garde wink in a traditional house.


设计事务所 Mas Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Marcos Samaniego
面积 223 m2
摄影 Ana Samaniego




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地点: 西班牙