Bleakley-Jacobson 住宅


这是 JAMIE BUSH & Co. 完成的一个住宅的室内设计,位于美国。房子的主人是一对夫妇以及他们的三个小孩,主人偏好中世纪风格的、可以带有一点流行色,但更自然的东西;而孩子需要好玩的,并且能够伴随他们成长的东西。整个设计的温馨、明亮,以及家具的新颖、别致均源于此。


This mid century modern project by Jamie Bush & Co. is in Brentwood, California, an affluent yet modest suburb of Los Angeles.

Working with architect Bruce Bolander, who first completed the screening room and breakfast area, Jamie addressed the exterior of the house and structural issues inside the house, as well as the pool and pool house. Bruce and Jamie bounced ideas back and forth with each other but also had their own distinct rolls to play – exterior and structural versus interiors, finishes and furnishings.

The owners of the home have a taste for mid century pieces, some with pops of colors and others more natural and neutral. They have three young children and wanted something playful but also adult enough for them to grow into as they mature. They already had the red and orange Raymond Lowey credenza in the breakfast area and a few natural pieces throughout the house. Jamie used that foundation as a starting point and the concept progressed from there. In the process, the focus became demonstrating variations of this theme in each room, using a bright pop of color, which was then grounded by a more natural palette of materials.


地点 美国
设计师 Jamie Bush
面积 5,500 SF
摄影 Laura Hull




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地点: 美国