Outdoor Living


这是 Hofman Dujardin Architects 设计的一个名为’户外生活’的公寓,位于荷兰。这个紧凑的公寓最突出的地方来自于其吸引人的室外空间。每间公寓都划分为内向与外向两个区域,公寓的入口、浴室、卧室以及楼梯处于内向区,客厅与厨房则位于外向区。


Housing for young urban starters

Outdoor Living offers young urban starters a compact apartment with spectacular outdoor spaces. The apartments between 47m2 to 95m2 are divided in an introvert and an extrovert zone. The entrance, the bathroom(s), the bedroom(s) and the stairs are located in the introvert zone. The living and the kitchen with transparent elevation are located next to the royal outdoor spaces. Each apartment has an 80cm deep garden of 12m2 constructed of concrete. Gardens and terraces are optimized in relation to views and natural lightning. Construction and garden drainage are combined in a random steel construction. A spectacular design in a time where the value of outdoor space is dramatically underestimated. Jury report: The design Outdoor Living is pure as a architect commission the strongest.


设计事务所 Hofman Dujardin Architects
地点 荷兰, 阿姆斯特丹
项目建筑师 Hofman Dujardin Architects
面积 每套公寓 47m2 到 95m2




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