Worthing Swimming Pool


这是 Heatherwick Studio 参加的一个竞赛项目,竞赛的目的是创建一个令当地居民自豪的成为标志性建筑的游泳馆。建筑师提出的方案由一个能够俯瞰海边公园美景的游泳大厅组成,最引人注目的地方是由雕塑艺术衍生而来的遮阳木板,这些木板令人联想到当地最著名的一个海事事件。


The competition to design a new swimming complex for Worthing Borough Council was launched following their report highlighting the many problems with the existing 1960’s swimming complex, the “Aquarena”, and identifying it as a site with major development potential. The competition objective was: “to create a new swimming complex for Worthing which would be a first class leisure facility for the town. It should also be a landmark building demonstrating civic pride and status.”

The scheme sought to create a rational, functional building developed around sustainable principles; distinctive and particular to the local area, designed to kick-start and facilitate the adjacent new development.

The building consists of a single large pool hall with views over the sea and across the adjacent park. Solar shading is provided by sculptural beam elements that have been artistically derived from the most high profile event in Worthing’s recent history. In January 2008 a wrecked ship, the Ice Prince, lost her cargo of sawn timber to the sea, off the coast of Devon. The resultant “wood slick” washed ashore in Worthing, prompting a week long arts festival.


设计事务所 Heatherwick Studio
地点 英国, 沃辛
项目建筑师 Heatherwick Studio
面积 6,000 m2
效果图 Heatherwick Studio




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地点: 英国, 沃辛