Velopark – 2012伦敦奥运会竞赛作品


这是 Heatherwick Studio 与 Faulkner Browns 设计的入围伦敦 2012 奥运会自行车馆 Velopark 竞赛设计最后阶段的作品。该方案使用了比赛赛道的形式即满足了赛事的要求,同时作为灵感的出发点,使得最终的场馆成为赛道旋转向上的一个延续。


The team of Heatherwick Studio with Faulkner Browns was shortlisted to the final stage of the competition to design the Velopark for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Velopark includes five principle cycling disciplines: indoor track cycling, outdoor road cycling, BMX, mountain biking, and cycle speedway.

The Velodrome is one of the three biggest stadia on the Olympic site and where the indoor track cycling events are held. In “legacy mode”, post games, the running costs and flexibility to stage other events or concerts needs an adaptable solution that can be scaled back. The budget was tight at £1750 per sqm.

Typically velodromes have little outward expression of the sporting event they house and tend to feel like little more than large industrial sheds. Our solution uses the shape of the race-track as both the organizing device for the circulation and draws on its energy and sculptural qualities as the springing point and inspiration for the building that surrounds it. The resulting Velodrome is a continuation of the timber staves of the race-track, spun upwards to form the building envelope and pulled apart in places, framing apertures for light and ventilation.

The building was designed to minimise ground works by limiting wet trades to the ground slab; maximise speed of erection using a steel frame super-structure, which can be modified post-games; and the sequestration of carbon through the use of timber.


设计事务所 Heatherwick Studio
地点 英国, 伦敦
项目建筑师 Heatherwick Studio
效果图 Heatherwick Studio




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目录: 建筑, 体育
地点: 英国, 伦敦