这是 Eriksen Skajaa Architects, Pushak Architects and Bjørbekk & Lindheim Landscape Architects 合作完成的一个名为 Saivu 的景观竞赛项目。竞赛目的是为挪威国家公园设计入口。Saivu 在萨米语里的意思是通向另一个世界的入口,设计师的灵感也来自于萨米人的魔幻现实主义以及他们对自然非同一般的认识。该方案提供了三个单独的包含丰富设施的入口。


”Saivu” is a sami word for a portal to another world. Based on the magic realism of the sami people and their understanding of nature, the construction system of their ”lavvo”, and an interpretation of old sami signs, we made the proposals for three gateways to the Sjunkhatten National Park. The park has a focus on children and the jury found the proposal’s focus on the mythical fit suitable to enrichen children’s experience of nature. It is a dramatic and beautiful landscape close to Bodø in northern norway between fjords and snow covered mountain peaks.

The project consists of three separate entrance areas with information boards, toilets, camp-fire places, seating, playgrounds, parking and toilets. There is also a possibility of shelters for sleeping and other activities connected to the separate sites.

The main element of the project is the construction system of wood and canvas that will give a common expression to the elements in the park while making it possible to meet the challenges of the different sites. There is also a large horisontal information disk made of gold coated stainless steel. This disk will contain information about the park and can also be used independently of the gateway constructions.


设计事务所 Eriksen Skajaa Architects
地点 挪威, 诺尔兰




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目录: 景观, 公共空间
地点: 挪威, 诺尔兰