La Finca


Buscando La Aurora 设计的这个项目位于墨西哥小镇圣卡塔琳娜。项目所在地是一个占地面积约4500平米,有着35年历史的度假村。现在,客户要求增加一些娱乐活动设施,包括一个小游泳池、一个吧台区、一个休息室、以及一个日光浴场和洗浴设施。


The site is located in Morelos, a small touristic state south Mexico City, in a small town called Sta. Catarina. The location is a 4,500 square meters lot, where a 35 years old weekend house sits.

The client required a program of recreation activities that included a small pool, a bar area, lounge area, bathroom service, and tanning zone. The solution gathers all the activities together in a floating rectangle with two extracted voids of similar dimensions on the lower floor that becomes the pool and the lounge area. The floating roof above them gives covering from rain and sun and sits on a triangular volume that becomes the service block.

The rectangle shaped roof on plan becomes a diagonal when one of its vertices touches the respective one down. The sloped triangle roof holds the stairs to climb up to the top, where the tanning zone is, with incredible views towards the mountains.


设计事务所 Buscando La Aurora
地点 墨西哥, 莫雷洛斯
项目建筑师 Carlos Coronel, Hector de la Peña
面积 site 4,500 m2/construction 144 m2
摄影 Marcos Betanzos, BulAu




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