这是 ARTEC Architekten 参与设计的一个名为Spark的大型开发项目,位于斯洛伐克。项目占地总面积超过240公顷,位于布拉迪斯拉发市的边缘。项目并不是对布拉迪斯拉发市的扩展,而是一个有着各种完备设施与权利的新城,并且随着发展将成为与布拉迪斯拉发市并肩的城市。


“The total site for Spark in its final form equals over 240 ha. It is located on the edge of Bratislava, by car, around 15 min. distance from the airport. The site borders the highway D1 leading from Bratislava to the northeast of Slovakia. In the near future the highway will be widened and a new exit will service the site of spark. Very close to the site of spark will be the planned ring of Bratislava the D4. The economic growth of Slovakia in general enhanced by foreign industrial investments in the neighbourhood has initiated widespread development in the area. Low-density housing borders the site to the north and southwest while further low-density development to the north is about to be built. With the planned infrastructure and industrial expansion the expectation is that this area will grow considerably in the coming years.

With the current developments surrounding the site the transformation from rural to built land is already well on its way. Agricultural land retreats step by step making way for small and larger individual projects, in most cases villas. This is happening, here and in many other places in Slovakia, without any greater structural planning. Therefore the new development is heavily depending on existing infrastructure. This dependency on the city and existing roads adds to already heavy traffic jams. While the area is growing, no investments are made in the public domain creating a void in basic public services areas such as schools, health and culture facilities etc. Spark’s ambition is to break through this piece meal development by creating a whole new center right at the heart of this transformation from farm land to city.

Spark is not an extension of Bratislava but a city in its own right with all the diversity in program and services a city should contain. Together with the suburban development and the existing villages, this new city could grow to become in size comparable to many other self sufficient cities in the country outside of Bratislava.

Although the final layout of Spark will occupy land on both sides of the highway, the heart of Spark is planned on the north side in the area dominated by Cierna Voda, or Black Water. It runs from the bottom of the Small Carpathians through the area. The major part of the plan consists of development in high-density. Spark, in other words, is a development with clear urban quality combined with large public spaces serving not only the new center but all the housing and villages around it.

The Project will be developed in several stages the first two stages are worked out in a master plan. The first stage of the project involves the area to the north around the river. The second stage is located around the highway.”


设计事务所 ARTEC Architekten
地点 斯洛伐克, 布拉迪斯拉发
项目设计师 Michael Murauer, Gerda Polig, Anna-Maria Wolf
面积 site 47,110 m2 / building footprint 19,164m2 / net floor 85,670m2




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