墨西哥 PH DD 住宅


这是 ARQUITECTURA EN MOVIMIENTO WORKSHOP 为一位艺术收藏家的住宅所做的室内设计,位于墨西哥。客户的需求是简单的空间,以及合理放置他的艺术收藏品与家具。对光与影的发挥是整个设计的重点所在,即衬托出了住宅的艺术气息,同时也潜在的保护了这些艺术品免受直射光线的损害。


When we received PH DD as a project, it was constructed in black and we realized that the distribution proposal, which we already had, was inadequate with respect to the usage of the space, as it had a large overbearing area of glass which blocked a good part of the public area.

The client is an art collector, and explained that he wanted a design with simple spaces, where the paintings and sculptures from his collection could be arranged, together with some contemporary furniture that he made with us. Therefore, we decided to rearrange the area, creating a more regular orthogonal space and giving special attention and importance to the top of the walls. This allowed a design of perimeter illumination with very faint light, leaving the flagstones clear and hence protecting the artwork from potentially damaging direct light.

The play of interior light and shadows fulfils an important role in the construction; the access point is ornamented with wooden panels that add diffused light (creating an almost twilight atmosphere), to the social area, while remaining completely white, permitting natural illumination. This element of subtle contrast compliments the walls of the rooms, the colors of which were specially chosen in accord with what each would contain. For example, the green wall in the principal bedroom highlights the black painting of Jean Hendrix, and the dark purple wall in the game room draws attention to a group of white cubes, that create an interesting geometric and chromatic ensemble.

We designed a three ramp ‘flying’ staircase which gives an appearance of having been sculpted from one solid block, and is contextually similar to other forms in the room.

The principle materials used were clear marble to contrast with dark wood and natural fabrics with some details like the ornament in the main bathroom wall. Although at first sight the construction is almost monochromatic, the many subtle details and accessories such as the oil lamps and paintings enliven and enrich the space.


地点 墨西哥
面积 300 m2




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地点: 墨西哥