Eaglebrook 学校艺术中心


这是 Andre Kikoski Architect 为一个学校设计的艺术中心。设计来源于校方确立的三个目标:一个提供多个入口的表演艺术场地;能够激发学生艺术创作的灵感;以及体现学校的教学理念。为了实现这些目标,建筑被设计为三个分布的、优雅的且与周围环境相协调的玻璃与木质凉亭。


Our design for a new Art Center for Eaglebrook School is informed by three distinct goals. First, we seek to create a building that provides multiple points of entry for students – both literally and figuratively – to the experience the visual and performing arts. Second, the building must become a catalyst to showcase, inspire and energize the campus with artistic energy. And third, the Art Center must reflect the teaching philosophy of the school, in a setting that is intimate and appropriate for Eaglebrook students, and in an architecture that is appropriate for an Art Center.

To achieve these goals, the building mass is distributed in three elegant glass and wood pavilions, that are organized around a triple height atrium. Clad in a diaphanous skin of wood slats and planes of glass, these pavilions harmonize the studio space and activity with the beautiful setting of the campus. Their simultaneously veiled yet transparent walls (depending on one’s viewing angle and motion around the building) will offer glimpses of band members playing instruments, students painting, and the shimmering colors of the stained glass studio. Inside, hallways that are both galleries of student work and lounges will promote an intimate opportunity for students to engage and learn from displayed works and each other.

Furthermore, by breaking down departmental boundaries, and placing unexpectedly juxtaposed classrooms, we create the opportunity for pianists to chance upon painters, for instance. At the very beginning of this process, we offer this simple meditation of a building that has the deep potential to choreograph a sophisticated and personalized awareness of the arts in all members of the Eaglebrook community.


设计事务所 Andre Kikoski Architect
地点 美国, 马萨诸塞




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 美国, 马萨诸塞