Alara Finisterre 餐厅


Mas Arquitectura 设计的这个酒店位于西班牙风景优美的小渔村菲尼斯特雷。由一个老房子改造而来的这个建筑包含了咖啡厅、餐厅和酒馆。每个房间都经过精心设计,墙壁上的大幅招贴画昭示着这里捕鱼的悠久历史,照明上进行了特殊设计,阳台上安置的长凳以便游客欣赏大西洋的美景。


Finisterre has always been a magical place. Know world ends there. Today this fishing village retains its exotic charm. A square, which crowns a small harbor, welcomes weary travelers. This is where Alara Finisterre emerges.

Placed on an old house, Marcos Samaniego, main architect form Mas Arquitectura, has developed a spectacular complex: coffee, restaurant and tavern.

Each room has been carefully designed in order to create different atmospheres.  Finisterre´s fishing essence is present in the local through big photos whilst turned lining offers a design contrast. In addition, lighting has been individualized to emphasize Alara Finisterre characteristics.  A terrace has been designed with a bench in order to take advantage of Atlantic sea views.

Alara Finisterre has already become a gastronomic and architectural referent. A place that only a few are able to enjoy.


设计事务所 Mas Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
设计师 Marcos Samaniego
面积 596 m2
摄影 Ana Samaniego




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